Olive Oil

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS produces three different olive oils of superb taste and best quality: EXTRA VIRGIN, DELICATE EXTRA VIRGIN and ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN.

PHILIPPOS is a Greek extra virgin olive oil produced with high quality standards and delivered directly into your home.
At PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS only the best olives are collected from selected areas in southern Greece, taken immediately to the local mills to cold extract the oil, respecting tradition to ensure excellence.
The ideal Greek climate, 300 sunny days per year, the prompt procedure from fruit to extra virgin oil. What makes the difference is the personal devotion of Philippe Poli.
The Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is synonymous to good health and superb taste. It is rightfully the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Its benefits are proven scientifically and are widely known for their nutritional elements such as omega 3-6 and phenols.
It is a sure recipe for wellbeing, longevity and quite recently highly recommended to people watching their weight and counting calories.
PHILIPPOS EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is pure and natural without any chemical additives that alter taste and quality.

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  • 2 Jan

    8 reasons to choose Greek olive oil.

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    1 Jun

    Angie Zissimatos Droulias

    by Angie Zissimatos Droulias

    In the words of the great Pindaros, from the ancient times, a tribute to the Oros, the highest mountain on the island of Aegina, on the very top, according to the myth, king Aiakos prayed on behalf of all the Greeks for precious rain in times of drought. His prayers were answered and he built a temple to honour the Panhellenic Zeus. To this day, the local people look to the top of the Oros and if there is a cloud there, it is sure to rain, the next day.

    Festive time in the village

    Starting right before Christmas and until January 7th, Saint John’s celebration, coming from every home there is the widespread aroma of baking bread,...

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    11 Dec

    Anton Pieck. Anton piek dutch artist, Pinterest 

    Soon it will be Christmas again. For a short time you recreate that atmosphere of soft hues and intense aromas that surrounds us all. Once again we allow ourselves to be enveloped in a special moment, where what counts more than anything is our meeting and getting together. Christmas becomes the occasion of sharing that many of us like to endorse with a gift. How did it all start, exchanging gifts tradition?

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    8 Sep

    Angie Zissimatos Droulias

    by Angie Zissimatos Droulias

    September on the mountains of the island of Aegina is even sweeter than summer. The autumn rains wash away the dust and the heat and the nearby islands seem to come closer, making the blue of the sky and the crystal clear sea, more vivid as the aroma of the flowers fills the cool breeze.

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  • 20 Aug

    Pumpkin giuvetsi

    Giouvetsi is a Greek word for a dish cooked in an earthenware casserole, from the turkish word güveç, meaning clay pot. In our own recipe we took a tradition dish and gave it a twist. It is a healthier, vegetarian, fun version just in time for winter.

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    20 Aug

    Moussaka salade, ingredients

    Moussaka is the most famous Greek dish. The word itself comes from the Arabic “mussaqqa’a“ and it means moist. Based on the original idea, we present our light version of garden vegetables in layers for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean flavour with a twist.

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