PHILIPPOS is a Greek extra virgin olive oil produced with high quality standards and delivered directly into your home.

At PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS only the best olives are collected from selected areas in southern Greece, taken immediately to the local mills to cold extract the oil, respecting tradition to ensure excellence.
The ideal Greek climate, 300 sunny days per year, the prompt procedure from fruit to extra virgin oil. What makes the difference is the personal devotion of Philippe Poli.
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The Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is synonymous to good health and superb taste. It is rightfully the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Its benefits are proven scientifically and are widely known for their nutritional elements such as omega 3-6 and phenols.

It is a sure recipe for wellbeinglongevity and quite recently highly recommended to people watching their weight and counting calories.
PHILIPPOS EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is pure and natural without any chemical additives that alter taste and quality.
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Meet the authentic Aegina pistachio at the 9th Fistiki Fest
Aegina, a small island at the heart of Argosaronic Gulf, has so many things to love: sandy beaches, picturesque alleys, authentic fish tavernas, traditional villages, the ancient ruins of the Temple of Goddess Afaia. Yet, this island is famous for its pistachios. This remarkable nut which has been called superfood and has inspired every possible recipe, from marmalades and Mojito cocktails to soaps and face creams.
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We welcome you in our store in Aegina
A place of minimal design, where you can find and taste all of our products -Kalamata olives, Greek extra virgin olive oil and Aegina pistachios, become acquainted with their origin, maintenance and learn how to identify the extra virgin olive oil of high quality.
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Ancient wisdom for a long life
Since I can remember, my grandmother used to tell me: "If you want to live a long and healthy life, eat only what you can grow in your backyard". Well, that sounds rather difficult for someone living in the city, but I think the main idea is eating mostly fruits and vegetables. This is the groundwork of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.
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2017 resolutions: number one priority: Project Myself
The holidays are over and so are festive meals and who has not exaggerated at least once? Well, at least it was worth it. As a result, we are a bit out of it and weighed down by a few more pounds.  According to Brian Wansink of Cornell University (NY), January 3rd is the day of the year when according to the scale we are the heaviest. Blame it on cocktails and dinner. But even worse, it will take months to return to our ideal weight. Don't despair and don't wait for the moment of truth when trying on your swimsuit.
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