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PHILIPPOS is a Greek extra virgin olive oil produced with high quality standards and delivered directly into your home.

At PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS only the best olives are collected from selected areas in southern Greece, taken immediately to the local mills to cold extract the oil, respecting tradition to ensure excellence.
The ideal Greek climate, 300 sunny days per year, the prompt procedure from fruit to extra virgin oil. What makes the difference is the personal devotion of Philippe Poli.
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The Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is synonymous to good health and superb taste. It is rightfully the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Its benefits are proven scientifically and are widely known for their nutritional elements such as omega 3-6 and phenols.

It is a sure recipe for wellbeinglongevity and quite recently highly recommended to people watching their weight and counting calories.
PHILIPPOS EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is pure and natural without any chemical additives that alter taste and quality.
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Why oil quality is not an option
Temperature, light, oxygen are the real enemies. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil excellent at pressing time, will quickly lose a large part of its qualities if not treated promptly and properly. Precisely because it is a totally natural food, its characteristics evolve rapidly over time at the risk of a drastic loss of quality. And that's exactly where the problem lies.
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Bag-in-box. A consumer friendly packaging
Packaging is one of the major concerns for the safety of our planet. At Philippos Hellenic Goods we put great effort daily, to stand up to environmentally friendly solutions. Bag-in-box is the answer. Philippos Hellenic Goods uses 3L bag in box for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Designed to store and transfer liquids, it is made of multiple metalized film layers, to be filled with food products and withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius.
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A bit of Greece in my house!
"Finally, at the end of the holidays I can take home a bit of Greece, something that will make me savor the scent of the sea, the mild weather, the light, the warm and dry wind". In a quiet corner 20 meters from the sea and behind the fish market you cannot miss the Philippos shop, a place to meet, taste and talk.
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Why are Muscle Builders Embracing EVOO?
On a recent search through muscle building and fitness websites, I was surprised to see very positive articles about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its relation to muscle building. So why are muscle builders embracing Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Muscle builders have known about the muscle building capability of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for many years. In the beginning, they simply consumed it for the “clean calories” it contains and the fact that it is easily digested. Therefore ...
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