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Why are Muscle Builders Embracing EVOO?

May 10th at 12:00am

By Athan Gadanidis
On a recent search through muscle building and fitness websites, I was surprised to see very positive articles about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its relation to muscle building.

So why are muscle builders embracing Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Muscle builders have known about the muscle building capability of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for many years. In the beginning, they simply consumed it for the “clean calories” it contains and the fact that it is easily digested. Therefore, digestibility is the important factor in Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s rapidly gaining popularity in health clubs. Lately, they also acknowledged that it is full of anti-oxidants like oleacein and anti-inflamatory compounds such as oleocanthal, which help to build muscles, prevent or repair an injury and speed up recovery from muscle strain. They embraced the high polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this added boost.

100% natural dietary supplement​​​​​​​

Many bodybuilder sites give this information ascribed to the nutrition researcher Douglas, Kalman PhD from the Florida International University: “The monounsaturated fat in olive oil appears to act as an anti-catabolic nutrient. In other words, it prevents muscle breakdown, by lowering levels of a sinister cellular protein called TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor-α, which is linked to muscle wasting and weakness.” (see, e.g. Actually, the presence of TNF-α is related to inflammation. It has been found that EVOO doesn’t increase it, as other nutritional fats do, but it could also be involved in its decreasing it. For this reason, Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps build muscle by reducing the rate of inflammation. This is key to helping build muscle mass. It does not come as a surprise that muscle builders have embraced the consumption of Extra Virgin as an important part of their nutritional regimen.
There are added benefits of the polyphenols found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties such as oleocanthal, a derivative of tyrosol. Hellenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known to have high levels of this anti-inflammatory phenolic compound along with oleacein a derivative of hydroxytyrosol and a very powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin E is another important compound found in abundance in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whose health benefits have been long established. Monounsaturated fat, oleocanthal, oleacein vitamin E, and a host of other compounds found in olive oil form the basis of the superfood known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is becoming muscle builders best friend​​​​​​​

Increasingly, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is becoming the favourite companion of athletes. Lately muscle builders in their battle against muscle inflammation have fallen in love with EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Muscle builders need to increase muscle mass while reducing inflammation. They also require a high caloric intake in order to build muscle mass. This is the Holy Grail of modern muscle building technology.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was at the center of the Ancient Hellenic physical fitness program as well. They used it extensively and elevated it to the highest level in their culture. Recent research has once again reaffirmed the relationship between olive oil and physical fitness. Extra Virgin Olive Oil was shown to reduce inflammation and muscle breakdown. This is why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is becoming a muscle builders best friend and it should be your best friend as well. For bodybuilders, the amount of EVOO consumed on a daily basis depends on the intensity of their workouts. It can vary from 50 ml to well over 200 ml per day. But it should be noted that a tablespoon of EVOO in the morning and one in the early afternoon offers an easily digestible high energy nutritional food source which provides valuable support to everyone’s muscle mass.
Order Philippos Hellenic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL today. Make it an essential part of your breakfast for a power packed start to your day and a healthier diet. Accompanied by barley or spelt bread, greens, (e.g. spinach, kale) black beans or boiled barley and a boiled or poached egg will keep you going for most of the day. 

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