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Greece in a Summer Box

Greece in a Summer Box


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Open this Summer Box and surprise yourself with the experience of the different tastes of Greece.
This is the closest feeling to actually being there this summer.
The box contains:
  • ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 500ml bottle with 3L easy to use Bag-in-Box refill, to preserve quality.
  • Mini trio 3x100ml small bottles to offer a choice of taste                                                   
  • Aegina Pistachios slightly salted with Fleur de Sel  – 500g
  • Kalamon Variety Olives Small – 250g
  • Spicy Green Olives – 250g
  • Fleur de Sel – 100gr
  • From the Greek hills the magnificent scent of freshly picked and dried Oregano – 20gr
  • Give a Mediterranean taste to chicken, potatoes, any dish with a variety of wild mountain Herbs– 20gr


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