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PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil possess a medium to intense fruity flavour, a delicate sensation coming from the well-balanced freshness, a hint of pungency and slight bitterness reflecting the natural characteristics of the early maturity stage of the olives, obtained the moment the olives turn colour. The pleasant freshly cut grass scent, the aroma of spring leaves and apple aftertaste are characteristic to PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Convenient 3 litre can

You can easily refill your kitchen top bottles with PHILIPPOS DELICATE, with our complimentary opener spout. It is our way of providing our customers with the best quality oil in an attractive presentation, at a sensible price. 

Priority: lighter meals

A light Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fruity taste and medium intensity for milder sensation, specially selected from the finest olive grove regions.

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS make three different varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil available. The choice is up to you and it solely depends on your taste preference. We suggest PHILIPPOS DELICATE to complement lighter meals. It is the right choice for people who prefer less intense flavour, to allow for the basic ingredients of their recipes to blossom. It is also ideal for preparing sweets.

Mild taste and olive green colour

The light olive green colour at the end of the mill extraction process is one of the strict selection criteria we follow to achieve this fine taste. This enacts as an important and essential factor to deliver a particularly mild distinctive fruity flavour to this oil.

Regular checks to maintain oil properties

During storage time, my team and I check and analyse, on a regular basis, the quality, the organoleptic parameters and the colour to ensure that no significant modifications have interfered in the harmony of this product.

A precious ally for health and wellbeing

PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly recommended for anyone nutritionally conscious. Recent studies show that Extra Virgin Olive Oil can really help in weight watching and weight loss by confirming the benefits of this precious and traditional good as an essential nutrient for anyone who wants to keep fit over the years. For further information and special tips go to our nutrition and health page. Here you will find some ideal low-calorie recipes and how to stay slim ideas.

Attractive for the dinner table and an exquisite gift idea

PHILIPPOS DELICATE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is delivered in an elegant bottle. It complements any dinner table as a modern or traditional centrepiece.

It is a gift for any occasion since it is packaged in a stylishly illustrated recyclable carton. Its supreme quality and presentation are accentuated by the fact that the bottles are easily refillable. Visiting our online shop you will see the option to mix and match according to your taste and preference.

Different choices of PHILIPPOS

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS offers three different olive oils of top quality and excellent taste: EXTRA Virgin, Extra Virgin DELICATE, and Extra Virgin ORGANIC. They are delivered to your home promptly in elegant refillable bottles and in 3 litre cans.

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