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Greek Land

With Greek Land PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS offers prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the result of the selection of the finest olive crops in all regions of Greece. The care in the treatment and maintenance, based on the company's philosophy, are essential because this all-natural product retains all its qualities and remains excellent over time.
Those who choose healthy foods know that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has unique nutritional properties, unmistakable taste, and aroma. Greek Land has all these characteristics that every lover of good local products immediately recognizes and is not willing to settle for less than perfect.
Profile Extra virgin, cold pressed from freshly picked Koroneiki olives. Organoleptic characteristics: the sensory analysis detects a very balanced and harmonious oil concerning fragrance components, taste, and consistency. Use: the harmonious sensation makes it an easy to use olive oil for your table and in the kitchen. Distinguishing features: professional chefs have observed that its consistency allows you to prepare lightly fried and crispy foods. Strengths: versatility, excellent price-quality ratio Greek Land is obtained from the pressing of selected olives in various oil-producing regions of Greece. The quality of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ensured because all the criteria necessary for obtaining a high-quality oil comply in its preparation: raw material: quality olives selected with care and skill in various exclusively Greek, production regions selection: chosen from the best crops each year, to obtain a product with a balanced and consistent taste over time. timing: olives picked at ripeness when the fruits and oil are still rich with the most precious healthy substances: polyphenols, omega 3, ...  processing: immediate cold pressing, to prevent the formation of mold. infrastructure: pressing in modern facilities adapted to the current hygiene and food safety practices to prevent the occurrence of defects and the reduction of organoleptic and nutritional characteristics which compromise wholesomeness. conservation: oil is a living product, exposure to air and heat is detrimental to the quality of the oil; the preservation of its natural characteristics requires immediate transfer to stainless steel tanks, kept at a constant temperature without air contact. speed and rigor: in every phase, from the olive harvest until delivery of the bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the process is respected; the product must be controlled and protected. 100% natural: no preservatives, no taste or acidity enhancers, no chemicals of any kind; no GMOs Satisfaction and health in your plate The harmonious characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil maintained and strictly controlled in all production phases, is a safe food to benefit from. Ultimately with Greek Land, you can rest assured. Enjoy the goodness and health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil maintained and strictly controlled at all stages of production. Subjected only to natural processes, it does not contain any kind of preservatives and does not undergo chemical processes.
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