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An Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with intense fruity taste and grand flavour for the devotee of the organic product, selected from the finest olive grove regions. Taste and aroma PHILIPPOS ORGANIC has the intense aroma of the fresh cut fruit and it is pungent enough to give the sensation of being in an olive grove at the start of crop year, indulging in the aroma of olives still on the tree. This is perfectly balanced with a hint of bitterness reflecting the maturity of the olives, to confirm its natural characteristics as a perfect oil. Its savoury qualities are further complimented by a scent of freshly cut grass and its delicate almond aftertaste, characteristic of PHILIPPOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   PHILIPPOS ORGANIC: the healthier choice More and more people are switching to organic goods. They look for healthier, tastier, products from the land. With this in mind, we took extra care to offer PHILIPPOS ORGANIC, an olive oil that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Every precious drop of this olive oil is the gift of the Mediterranean diet and accentuates the flavour of every dish, for delectable recipes go to our Cooking corner. ... it begins with the farmer The fabulous green olive colour reflects the wisdom and the devotion of the farmer in achieving the quality we are looking for. The selection and the support of individual olive farmers applying the best practices of the organic agriculture, make possible the quality and the taste of this product. We pride ourselves in producing this olive oil, which combines the savoury taste requested by our demanding clientele with exceptional respect to the environment. Eco-friendly attractive packaging PHILIPPOS ORGANIC olive is packaged in recycled earth coloured cartons. The simplicity of the sturdy bottle is what makes it so attractive. It matches your kitchen top and dinner table but most important, it can be refilled over and over and enjoyed. It is a great idea for a present to your friends or as a company gift. When you check our on line shop, you will see that you have the option to combine any of our products to suit your taste. Should you have any personal demands do not hesitate to contact us, and we will personally see to your request. In the section of recipes, you will find healthy and delicious ideas for savoury meals and tips on how to cook with olive oil and put your personal touch to any dish. Choice of presentation PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS carries the best quality Greek olive oil and delivers it to your home. Choose from three different olive oils: Extra Virgin ORGANIC, Extra Virgin DELICATE, and Extra Virgin CLASSIC. They are available in refillable convenient tabletop bottles and three 3 litre cans.
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PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil possesses a medium to intense fruity flavour, a delicate sensation coming from the well-balanced freshness, a hint of pungency and slight bitterness reflecting the natural characteristics of the early maturity stage of the olives, obtained the moment the olives turn colour. The pleasant freshly cut grass scent, the aroma of spring leaves and apple aftertaste is characteristic to PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ideal Combo: bottle and 3 litre can This combination fully represents the PHILIPPOS concept of refilling the attractive bottle with our top quality EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil from the 3 litre can. We provide the complementary opener spout for easy refill. Priority: lighter meals A light Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fruity taste and medium intensity for milder sensation, especially selected from the finest olive grove regions. PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS offers three different varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The choice is up to you, and it solely depends on your taste preference. We suggest PHILIPPOS DELICATE, to compliment lighter meals. It is the right choice for people who prefer less intense flavour, to allow for the basic ingredients of their recipes to blossom. It is also ideal for preparing sweets. Mild taste and olive green colour The light olive green colour at the end of the mill extraction process is one of the strict selection criteria we follow to achieve this fine taste. This enacts as an important and essential factor to deliver a particularly mild distinctive fruity flavour to this oil. Regular checks to maintain oil properties During storage time, my team and I, on a regular basis, check and analyse the quality, the organoleptic parameters and the colour to insure that no significant modifications have interfered in the harmony of this product. A precious ally for health and wellbeing PHILIPPOS DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly recommended for anyone nutritionally conscious. Recent studies show that Extra Virgin Olive Oil can really help in weight watching and weight loss by confirming the benefits of this precious and traditional good as an essential nutrient for anyone who wants to keep fit over the years. For further information and special tips go to our nutrition page. Here you will find some ideal low-calorie recipes and how to stay slim ideas. Attractive for the dinner table and an exquisite gift idea PHILIPPOS DELICATE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is delivered in an elegant bottle. It complements any dinner table as a modern or traditional centrepiece. It is a gift for any occasion since it is packaged in a stylishly illustrated recyclable carton. Its supreme quality and presentation are accentuated by the fact that the bottles are easily refillable. Visiting our on line shop you will see the option to mix and match according to your taste and preference. Different choices of PHILIPPOS PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS offers three different olive oils of top quality and excellent taste: EXTRA Virgin, Extra Virgin DELICATE, and Extra Virgin ORGANIC. They are delivered to your home promptly in elegant refillable bottles and 3 litre cans.
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Aegina pistachios are a protected designation of origin (PDO) variety of pistachios, particularly tasty and savory. Philippos Hellenic Goods proposes two versions, pistachios with and without salt, in our Premium gourmet box packaging containing 5 packs of 50 g. Aegina produces a variety of pistachios called Aiginis or Koilarati, meaning round. ​​​​​​​ The pistachio is part of the identity of the island, as the landscape that slopes down from the hill to the sea, covered by small trees with thick, round leaves that protect the pistachio fruit, ripening all summer. The pistachio tree, the species Pistacia Vera, originates in the Middle East. Its cultivation and the progressive importance to the economy of Aegina has it roots since 1860. The terrain features and favorable climate have helped to develop the variety of Aegina Pistachio with designation of origin since 1994. The intense, savory taste of this fruit is considered by gourmets among the best in the world. The pistachio is renowned throughout the world and mainly consumed as an aperitif but it also has its place in the kitchen where it is the star ingredient of original recipes, satisfying both your sight and palate. Philippos Hellenic Goods proposes pistachios in bags of 50 g to ensure freshness. In recent years, research has found that the pistachio has very important nutritional qualities: 25 grams of pistachios cover 10 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin B, minerals, thiamine, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and fiber. These characteristics make it a tasty snack that provides important nutrients to your daily food balance since the presence of fatty acids, in addition to intervening positively in lipid metabolism and lowering cholesterol (DHL), help to give a sense of prolonged satiety. ​​​​​​​ The Aegina pistachio is a commonly used food for the local population and is much sought after by tourists, especially Greeks who know the quality and hardly ever leave the island without buying a package. Part of the production supplies shops and bars of Athens. A small part is exported and if you are lucky you can find them in gourmet stores of some large cities. certified PDO (Protected designation of origin).
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